The Most Important piece of Content to Create to Get More Attention

You must get this right. Creating content is good. It gets your business attention, but only the right type of content makes your customer care and builds brand loyalty.

If You Want to Make Your Customers Care

how-to content

First of all, you have to know what’s important to your customers. You’ll have an inclining of that at the start of developing your robust Content Marketing strategy. After all, it’s your industry, and you went into this understanding that your customers have problems they want solving.

I must point out that as your customers begins to engage with your social media content, and as you learn more about their likes and dislikes your insight will enrich the content creation process. You’ll be more in tune with what content they need to stay interested in your brand. Never overlook the needs of your customers. If you want to sell products, you must create the content that they want.

Having said that, all you need is a basic understanding of what your customer craves in their lives. You will then be able to use this as a premise for all the content you begin to create. However there is one piece of content every brand should create. In this article, I am going to share why ‘how-to’ content is critical to to gaining attention and making customers care.

The 'How -To'

how-to content

The ‘How -To” has got to be one of the most liked, shared and needed content of all internet users. ‘How-tos’ are what the internet is built upon, but so many brands don’t share insider information. Most brands believe if they give away too much information, customers won’t end up buying. They are mistaken.

When I say ‘How-to’, I mean topics like How to be smarter, richer, cooler, fitter, quicker, better, nicer, calmer, cleaner, handsome – I know. Handsomer is not a word, but the point I’m making hits home, right? And here’s a secret. Give away your good stuff. That’s what’s really going to make what you are sharing irresistible,

The longer you put off giving away information, the harder and longer it’s going to take for you to start seeing those increasing sales charts. Be under no illusion, if you are not giving away your “secrets” someone else is and winning a potential customer.

Don't Lose Customers Like This

how-to content

There is almost no information that you cannot find online for free. You are kidding yourself if you think that there is a brand that is not providing a great solution to the problem your customer has. It may be a different solution, it may even be an inferior solution but a solution it is nonetheless.

When a new visitor to your website discovers that information is held behind a paywall or they have to enter personal data for a new brand, what do you think they’ll do? I shouldn’t have to tell you. You’ve probably done it yourself. Exactly! – they’ll log off and google for a website that gives the information away in exchange for nada.

The Power of Your Knowledge Systems

how-to content

It doesn’t matter what business you are in if you want to seize audience attention, dig into your business knowledge system and find out what your customers need to know to make using your product easier. Turn what you find into a video, an article, a TikTok, an Instagram post – whatever takes your fancy. One thing is for sure, ‘How-tos’ are helpful, and if you keep them coming, they win customers.

How to do the 'How-to'

how-to content

How you deliver your ‘How-to’ is up to you. You can make it funny, serious, inspirational, whatever way accentuates your brand voice. But, when your audiences learn something new from your brand, you instantaneously boost the likelihood of them coming back for more.

If you want the right attention, if there’s anything you do in your next content show your potential customers ‘How-to’. Make their life better forever by sharing something so brilliant they are left in awe. Blow their minds with a secret, whether small or big that will transform their life. And then repeat. That’s my challenge to you!


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