This one marketing factor can increase sales

We can all agree that marketing has changed from the traditional ways of shouting the loudest and the most. Now brands with the right story can engage fans on social, and if they do it long enough, the fans become customers.

It sounds simple enough, and in some cases, it may be as straightforward as posting daily content. But in most cases, you need to know enough about what motivates your customers, the reasons they will choose you, and what will help them connect to the story that you are telling.

Marketing is almost always not as simple as telling a story or updating your feed three times every day. Merely being active on social media does not mean anyone cares about what we are saying and offering.

Without understanding our customers’ buying behaviour, many marketers rely on shouting the loudest and the most to get attention. And there is no proof that this is the most effective way to attract loyal fans and convert them to customers.

It’s customer psychology – the why, when and how our customers will buy what we sell. It’s a subject I spend a lot of time researching and probably the most important in achieving our marketing targets.

By understanding the psychology of customers, we can do marketing by creating content that helps build an emotional connection. One where our fans love come to love the brand, get jealous of it even and become our customers.

Whatever content you create, focus on developing an emotional connection, which leads to trust, which increases the likelihood of a sale.

Look out for our next article discussing tactics for building emotional connections with our social media fans.

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