Where I Get the Energy From

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Where I Get the Energy From

Visualisation Works

I wanted to talk about energy a little bit today because recently, I’ve decided to become intentional in the attitude that I have towards the work that I do.

What I have found to work is visualising my achievements. At the beginning of my day, I envision what I want to achieve. I also picture the type of person that I want to be. And, when I imagine the kind of person I want to be, it’s closely related to the value that I want to bring to my work.

So I’m talking about intentionally visualising myself bringing value.

Currently, I’m focusing on the value I bring to the people who follow me on social media, those who I work with and those people around me, such as friends and family. Each day and multiple times during the day, I picture what that value looks like. In fact, I also imagine what bringing value feels like.

Bring Value and Believe You Can Win

I picture in my mind, how much information, insight, consideration, and inspiration I can share with people around me. Value to me right now means, “How can I help you to be better.” In terms of my professional work, “How can I help you create the best content for your brand?” What do I need to do? What do I need to say? How do I need to behave?

While I’m visualising the value I can add, I also imagine that I’m successful at it. And, the reason behind visualising my success is to empower myself to deliver that value at a high level.

So my initial purpose for visualising was to do a great job, in essence. Interestingly, I didn’t realise there would be a bigger consequence of this. Without expecting it, I’ve power blasted my energy.

Because I can see myself winning and providing value, my energy has skyrocketed.

I know what winning looks like, I believe I can win, and I have a purpose in doing what I do. Having a goal will make you energetic. You need to try it to believe it. Imagine what happens when you concentrate on your vision daily.

Successful People are also High Energy People

Many years ago, I went to a conference that was at the 02 in Greenwich, London. And there was a speaker there sharing his experiences on writing and publishing your book.

I remember vividly, him coming out on the stage in his tailored suit and well-groomed hair and greeting the audience. And I recall the response underwhelmed him. So he used all his charisma and charm to stimulate the audience into putting more energy into saying hello and welcoming him on to the stage.

The speaker went on to explain that successful people have huge amounts of energy. Successful people, he told us, wake up intentionally full of energy and passion so that they can create an incredibly rewarding day for themselves and the people that they work with.

At that time, I didn’t fully grasp what he meant. I understood him but not on a practical level. That was until recently where because I’m in a headspace where I want to create my own trail, I’ve become more self-aware which allows me to deliver greater value,

I’ve realised that most of the time, people are not operating at high energetic levels. And a lot of the time, they misdirect their energy into activities that aren’t closely related to their goals and their passion and purpose.

I’ve made myself much more intentional into the right areas of life; the areas that I want to create impact.

Be Intentionally Energetic Always

I didn’t realise it back then. I didn’t understand how we need to be intentional about our energy. I do realise it now. And, I also recognise how many other aspiring entrepreneurs, who are waking up daily wanting to create something valuable but they have not discovered how to generate and maintain the type of energy that brings and attracts success.

People don’t always carry the type of energy that will attract more fans, that will attract more people to their brand; that will empower them to create something new and unique. Most people do not deliberately muster up the type of energy that is contagious and attractive and influential.

I’m doing this podcast to share with you, what it takes to make a difference. You have to bring huge amounts of energy into everything you do, and you have to do that consciously.

And I tell you, when you start doing this, it completely transforms how much work you are able to do. You will also begin to find yourself being more creative.

There’s a different energy that comes when you are intentional about it. And that energy is attractive to others. You’ll develop a supersonic focus that will strengthen your capacity to do bigger and greater things.

I’ve done this podcast today to encourage you to bring huge amounts of energy to what you do each and every day.

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