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Hello, welcome to a word with Bess: the power within podcast. Helping you to live a more successful, worry-free and joyful life.

And here is the word for today.

I was going to call this podcast episode, don’t let people steal your joy, because I’m going to start off talking about joy. However, evidently, I have changed my mind. By the end, hopefully, you’ll understand why I decided to change the title to, you are already successful.

Joy is the catalyst to your creativity, making the right decisions, doing great work, being energised, healthy, being of value in life and succeeding at the things you set your mind towards. Now, not everyone is actively and consciously aspiring for these things. They may tell you they are. But every atom in their being is not bubbling trying to achieve those dreams.

Some people are operating at a much lower level. Their world view is small and based on their personal needs and wants. They are not helping you achieve your dreams; they don’t recognise their higher purpose or aren’t trying to live this higher purpose actively. They want you to fit into their limited world. And when they come into contact with you, intentionally or not, they only see it fit to drag you down to where they are. Some will do this a lot more than others, so beware. And they do this because they do not understand how to operate at their higher consciousness. Don’t let them suck you in.

On your way to achieving the things you desire in life, you must already see yourself as successful despite what the physical reality may look like. You must believe that whatever you want in life is already done in the inner spiritual life, and you must live in that spiritual realm, almost like a double life, until the physical matches your inner life.

Successful people, people of character and wisdom and power, don’t wait for the future to be successful. They see themselves as successful right here and now. And you must adopt this mindset too.

See yourself as having, living and being in the life that you desire right now. That way, when someone comes along with a world view and energy that doesn’t match your spirit and vision, you don’t get frazzled and allow yourself to fall to the lower, ordinary, powerless levels of human consciousness. You have a powerful and successful inner life, and that’s your truth. Instead, recognise that person for who they are and the smaller world they operate in. And you must elevate and keep yourself at the higher spiritual levels of success, unity and harmony. This is how you achieve the things you desire.

Have a good day, people!

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