How to Build Brand Desire Like World Class Brand, Hermès

How to Build Brand Desire Like a World Class Brand

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The Social Connection & Why We Bond with Brands Online

Here’s the thing about social media – it’s this massive community where people are connecting with brands, influencers, and creators that they feel are an extension of themselves. They share culture, humour, interests us, and hold similar concerns and values. We connect on socials with people who are like us, right?

When you’re scrolling through your feed and come across something that makes you chuckle, brings back a memory, or offers some new insight – that’s when you hit ‘like’.

That’s the nuts and bolts of social media, don’t you agree?

Beyond Likes – The Quest for Brand Desire

But here’s the thing – getting likes isn’t the whole story. Your content might be getting loads of love, but it doesn’t always mean people are queuing up to buy. The real heavy-hitters in the branding world – they want you to truly desire their stuff.

Why desire, though?

Well, it’s because we’re human, right? We all have those little wants and dreams that drive us. There are things we dislike that we want to get rid of to make our lives happier and easier. Deep down, we all yearn for the best that life can offer – that’s just human nature.

And when we encounter something that sparks those desires, it moves us – emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. We want the things that we believe will bring us closer to the life we dream of, to becoming the people we aspire to be. Brands who want more than likes understand this intrinsically. They don’t try to sell us things; they sell us our desires.

How Brands Fulfill Our Desires

It could be about looking stylish, feeling a sense of belonging, status or experiencing sheer joy. The smart brands get this. They position themselves as the solution to these desires. And these desires are so potent that even though buying something might be a temporary fix, consumers are compelled to purchase. And even if the consumer never buys, the longing to buy still exists because we believe the brand provides the answer to our desires.

Desire is a universal feeling.

The art of marketing is about engaging with your customers in a way that shows you genuinely understand what they’re seeking. When you’re out there on social platforms, your stories, your images, they need to convey this message clearly to your intended audience, and only them.

Focusing on Your Crowd

It’s crucial to remember that not everyone shares the same dreams and desires. So, your focus should be solely on your crowd.

You don’t need any underhanded tactics to demonstrate your brand’s value. A brand exists for a reason – to cater to a group of people who fulfils their desires. It’s logical, then, to communicate to your customers know that they’ll find what they’re looking for with you. And when you hit that sweet spot, something just clicks in their minds. They’ll remember you, choose you over others, and remain loyal.

Building Brand Desire on Social Media

Cultivating a genuine desire for your brand involves getting personal. On social media, this means inviting people into your world, telling them a story that resonates with their aspirations. You’re integrating your brand into their lives, whether subtly or more overtly.

Once they see a bit of themselves or who they want to be in your brand, that’s when the magic happens – a deep connection is formed, and just like that, desire is ignited.

The Hermès Effect – An Example of Brand Desire

Take Hermès, for instance. Their target audience either is affluent or aspires to affluence. They seek exclusivity and recognition for their achievements in life. The exquisite craftsmanship and superior quality are the hallmarks of a Birkin bag, whose price tag is akin to a year’s salary for some.

Not everyone owns one, but if you do, it’s a statement that you’ve joined a prestigious VIP club of the fortunate few.

The Birkin bag is a favourite among the rich and famous, often referenced in popular rap and pop songs, and it’s the go-to prop for costume designers to signify an accomplished character.

Owning a Birking speaks volumes about belonging to this exclusive group. Thus, it has become the desire of many illustrious and ambitious women.

Of course, not everyone can splash out on a Birkin, but those eager for a piece of the brand might opt for a scarf instead. Priced at over £200 each, it’s not so much a consolation prize as it is a more accessible entry point into the Hermès world. It’s an opportunity to experience the brand without breaking the bank, and it keeps people coming back for more.

The Power of Aspiration in Brand Building

So, the bottom line? Building brand desire is key for long-term success.

Use social media to stir up intense levels of desire for your brand. Make your audience feel as though they are part of an exclusive group – either people like them or the kind of people they aspire to be. And even if they don’t buy from you straight away, they’ll be left wishing they could.


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