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selling more appealing
Posted by | January 24, 2021
How to make what we are selling more appealing

The conundrum we face is, what type of content makes what we are selling more appealing, so we generate more sales? Read the solution here.

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Enhance customer perceptions
Posted by | November 10, 2020
How to Enhance Customer Perceptions With Social Media for Architects

In this article, we share some strategies architecture firms can use social media to enhance customer perceptions of quality.

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cold emailing
Posted by | February 4, 2020
My Cold Emailing Twitter Shaming and Respecting the Hustle

Here's my experience cold emailing prospects to build brand awareness and sell more services. Find out why I Twitter shamed for it.

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A Simple Content Marketing Framework
Posted by | January 3, 2020
A Simple Content Marketing Framework to Maximise Your Strategy

Don't let your content marketing get complicated. Think simple. Transform it into easy digestable messages that your audience is interested in.

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Make Money Online
Posted by | October 3, 2019
My Answer to ‘How To Make Money Online’

How to make money online is my number one question. In practice, it's not easy but you can learn. I have one thought about what holds back a lot of...

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Posted by | August 9, 2019
VIDEO: Creating Content that has a Clear Brand Message

In a sea of noise, attention is scarce. Stories grab attention. Start creating content that has a clear brand message with storytelling frameworks.

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Rethinking and Engagement
Posted by | November 13, 2018
Rethinking Engagement and Hashtags – When what you know is not enough

We examine the strength of Engagement and Hashtags when building relationship with your customers and identify key aspects that build loyalty.

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Posted by | October 3, 2017
TEDx TALKS & How to Create Appealing, Viral Content That Your Fans Love

Ever thought of using the techniques used in TEDx talks to make your content spread. In this video, I share tips to create compelling, viral content.

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How to use your editorial calendar to tell a story
Posted by | February 23, 2017
How to use your editorial calendar to tell a story

Some of the ingredients to good social media are very simple. Obviously there's the content and that's got to be good but you also need to focus on how to...

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Brand Development: A Customer Profiling Template
Posted by | December 26, 2016
Brand Development: A Customer Profiling Template

Write better content on all your platforms when you understand who your customer is and their needs. Download this Free Customer Profiling Template today!

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