It takes humility.
Posted by | November 2, 2022
It takes humility

It takes humility. And that's probably the hardest for brands to accept. Social media was created for people, not brands.

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What are they thinking, and doing?
Posted by | July 14, 2022
What are they thinking, and doing?

We can't assume anything. We need to know what are customers are thinking and doing if we want to create attention-worthy content.

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Posted by | December 25, 2021
The Customer Says, “Not Right Now!”

The Customer Says Not Right Now. But Why? What can we do with our content to get them to change their minds? Read my solution here

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Generous Content Creator
Posted by | September 25, 2019
Why The Generous Content Creator Wins

Being a generous content creator is what could make the difference for your brand. If you are struggling to attract loyal customers, read this article.

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