Checklist for Throwing a Successful Twitter Party


Have a Twitter party to host great conversations, increase brand presence and your followers. They’re fun, fast paced and interactive and what the platform is all about.

Though Twitter parties can be pretty hectic to run. You literally have to tweet every few seconds whilst keeping an eye on your audience’s conversation. If you’re hosting a live event, you’ll be making sure your grammer and spelling are tight. You won’t want to mess up and you don’t want to miss anything out.

I’ve hosted a few parties and I think the people that have the most fun are your audience, haha! Twitter parties are full on. After the first few I hosted, I came up with a list to make them easier to manage. This list has been tried, tested and proven successful. So I’m sharing it with you.

Download the list and use it everytime to guarantee you host a Successful Twitter party. You won’t regret it!

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