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Master Social Media Coaching Programme

Unlock your brand’s full potential with our Master Social Media Coaching Programme. Tailored for CEOs, founders, and marketing pros, this 3-month journey demystifies social media marketing. Gain in-depth market insights, master content planning, and refine strategies through analytics. Transform your brand into a digital powerhouse. Investment: £3530, with flexible payment options. Ready to conquer the social media landscape? Secure your seat today!


Master Social Media: Coaching Suite

Explore a range of coaching options designed to accelerate your social media journey, no matter your budget or level of commitment. From our one-hour Social Media Power Hour to our in-depth Monthly Momentum package, we tailor our offerings to meet your unique needs. Each tier includes actionable insights, from quick wins to comprehensive strategies. Our programmes are perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, or anyone keen on mastering social media marketing. Choose the best fit for you and let’s get started!


Mastering Visual Content for Dynamic Social Media

Unlock the secrets of standout social media content in ‘Mastering Visual Content for Dynamic Social Media’ on April 27, 2024. Over two sessions, learn essential skills from equipment use to hands-on studio practice. Gain the confidence to visually document your life and brand like a pro. Hosted by Bess Obarotimi. Only 8 spots!


Fashion Brands Unleashed: TikTok Strategies for Success

Unlock the Power of TikTok with our ‘Strategies for Fashion Brands’ Workshop on March 17, 2024! Perfect for brands aiming to captivate and expand their audience, this hands-on session delves into the art of crafting content your fans will adore. Learn to leverage TikTok’s unique features to become an irresistible powerhouse in the fashion world. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity!


Mastering Brand Desire Through Social Media Marketing

Join Bess Obarotimi’s Saturday, February 24, 2024 lecture: “Mastering Brand Desire Through Social Media Marketing.” Elevate your brand with her 13 years of luxury brand expertise. Ideal for all marketing pros. Unlock digital-age brand success!


The Black British Content Creators Meetup

A space for black content creators to come together to strengthen their networks and find collaborations while they grow their online presence.


Instagram Mastery: Elevate Your Business Workshop

Join us at ‘Instagram Mastery: Elevate Your Business Workshop’ on Saturday, June 1, 2024. Uncover Instagram’s secrets, craft an irresistible profile, explore content creation, trends, and hashtags. Find your audience, decode the algorithm, and gain actionable tactics for explosive business growth.


TikTok Workshop for Business and Influencers

Powering Your TikTok Success: Unlocking Business Opportunities and Influencer Potential!

Join our TikTok for Business and Influencers workshop with expert Bess Obarotimi. Discover TikTok’s power to build your brand and captivate your audience. Learn profile creation, content tactics, and growth strategies. Ideal for TikTok newcomers. Don’t miss out—reserve your spot for this online event on Saturday, January 6, 2024!