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As the CEO and Founder of Synatel Media, I’m passionate about the transformative power of social media marketing. But my interests go beyond business; I’m also fascinated by the intricacies of life and the people who shape it. If these topics resonate with you, I invite you to explore our blog and connect with me on social media. Click the links below to join our community!


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How Threads can work for you

Meta's app, Threads, isn't as bad as you think. It may be a powerful tool in building your visibility while competition for reach is low.

Why is everyone joining Threads? An Update
Why is everyone joining Threads? An Update

I've had enough time to evaluate Threads. So today's article is, Why is everyone joining Threads? An Update

Why is everyone joining Threads
Why is everyone joining Threads?

Of course, I jumped on the latest social media app. And of course, I asked myself, why is everyone joining Threads? Read for my thoughts


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