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This is my blogIt's all about great marketing, as well asother business and life related reflections

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Bess Obarotimi

I’m the CEO, & Founder of Synatel Media, a social media marketing agency. In addition to marketing, I’m a studier of life and the people who make it. If you are interested in these things too, I’d love you to read the blog and follow me on socials. Click on the links below!


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Marketing begins to work
Marketing begins to work

It's everywhere. We can't escape it - the content. And a lot of us enjoy it. Some of us don't, but there's almost no avoiding it. Each time we swipe up, we get a notification of some content created by our friends and family seeking our attention. Consequently, brands have tapped into our need to...

Pfft to excuses
Pfft to excuses

Pfft to excuses is a short article I've written about our commitment to making our dreams come true using socials. Let me know if you relate.

A Game of Love and Hate
A Game of Love and Hate

A game of Love and Hate - That's what social media will always be. And, try as we might, we can't run from it. Click to read what I mean.


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Good or bad, whatever you put into life you get out. So put in love and you’ll get a whole lot of love back out!

Bess Obarotimi - CEO & Founder Synatel Media

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