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Bess Obarotimi

I’m the CEO, & Founder of Synatel Media, a social media marketing agency. In addition to marketing, I’m a studier of life and the people who make it. If you are interested in these things too, I’d love you to read the blog and follow me on socials. Click on the links below!


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Fenty Beauty by Rihanna’s Top Tips for Digital Marketing

Rihanna may love having fun but she's also an astute business person. In this post I share Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Top Tips for Digital Marketing that companies must master.

Social media and content marketing savings that are costing you money
Content marketing savings that are costing you money

I never advocate doing things by halves you'll only have to pay in the end. In this article examine the social media savings that are costing you money.

4 Killer Ways to create great content
4 Killer Ways to get Ideas for Great Content

You won't get these killer ideas for creating great content anywhere else. Quick easy tips and strategies. Start improving your content today!


Good or bad, whatever you put into life you get out. So put in love and you’ll get a whole lot of love back out!

Bess Obarotimi - CEO & Founder Synatel Media

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