Creating video and photo content for social media

Creating video and photo content for social media is for content creators and business owners who want the tools to create high-quality video and photo content.

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Ever wondered how influencers take video and photo content of themselves and their lifestyles to build an audience on social media?

Have you also dreamed of creating beautiful and entertaining content by yourself for your brand?

Are confidence and skills the only things stopping you?

Not everyone has the budget to hire professionals to take their photos and videos for social. And when they try themselves, they can’t seem to create that high-quality content that audiences love to engage with. These are some of the top reasons people do not create content on social media, and it’s holding them back.

They need to figure out what equipment to use, what to do with it, and how to edit the content to present their brand in a picture perfect way.
Also, they need someone to give them the confidence to create content by themselves oftentimes in public.

The good news is, when you attend the creating video and photo content for social media workshop, you’ll gain the courage and know-how to visually document your life just like your favourite influencers.

Split over two sessions, we will give you the skills and knowledge to create and publish high quality content for your fans. Day one will be an online session and Day two will be a practical session where we will meet at a chosen location to take lifestyle content. Social media users love to see you serve up content behind the scenes at work, eating out at your favourite restaurant, shopping or meeting with friends. On this day, you will try your hand at doing just that.

Out of all the workshops we offer, this workshop is going to take you out of your comfort zone and equip you practically with all you need to build your own social media profile. However, you’ll be getting the support of your workshop mates and me, Bess Obarotimi, so you won’t feel like you’ve been put in at the deep end.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:
Day One
Types of equipment needed for content creation
Basic photography techniques
Basic videography techniques
In-app editing
Publishing content for maximum exposure

Day Two
Shooting Lifestyle content
Taking self photos in public

Who should attend?
The workshop is ideal for content creators and business owners who want to be armed with the skills to record and photograph their own beautiful content. And for those who need a confidence booster, we’re here for that too.

When is it
Day One 12:00 am – 2:00 pm 8th July 2023 Location: Online
Day Two 10:00 am -2:00 pm 15th July 2023 Location: Central London (details tbc)

Bess Obarotimi is a Senior Consultant with 13 years of experience in Social Media Marketing strategies. Her key areas of expertise are Luxury Brand Marketing, Consumer Psychology and Buyer Behaviour. She has worked with public figures and leading fashion, beauty, financial, and art brands. Her passion is creating content that audiences love, and she hopes to share this with you.

What to do next
Due to the nature of the course, there are limited spots. So do not delay. Book your place today!

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