Are you planning for success?

You have this vision, a dream of what the ideal life would be like; you desire better circumstances and are engaged in work to get you there.


How sure are you that you are spending your engaged in the tasks that will get you closer to the vision? Are you doing them right now, or have you put them until the time is right? Or even more commonly apprised, when you have the time. Are you doing the key tasks that build the vision? Yes? No?

Please, dear friend, my heart is for you. I believe you were called for greatness, so I come today to ask you to be particular about the work you do.

Let’s take a look at your vision. Where would you like to be in five / ten years from now? If you were to go on a few holidays, what top five destinations would you choose? Who would be in your close-knit circle of friends? Do you have a favourite car you plan on buying? How about your environment? What does that like in your vision?

Now take another look at the tasks you mostly engage in; will they make the vision possible? Are you sure? Will the work you do turn up trumps? Are you planning for success?

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