Do not rest on your loins

I’m sitting here listening to a powerful recording of Schoenberg Quartet, after being introduced to Arnold Schoenberg by an esteemed and worldly friend. Not as literal as he in the description of classical music. All I can say is, it reaches parts of the soul and mind other music genres can not—superbly appropriate background for writing an inspiring article that benefits your visit to this blog. I admit to you I am deeply honoured to have any of you take the time.

And so, the seeming anarchy conveyed in the string quartet currently playing has reminded me of the shared human nature to ‘desire’. Most of us desire circumstances better than our present conditions, which is why I have chosen this article to warn you, “Do not rest on your loins!”.

As valued readers of this blog, and benevolent (I will continue to be humbled and in total appreciation of every like, comment and share received) followers of me on the social media platforms on which I have claimed a spot, I hope that you read, implement and your brand develops and grows.

Through concerted focus and effort, it is possible to produce credible work that causes others to seek us out -I imagine you believe this too. But this is no easy task. Showing up, being visible must be of high priority. We live in an era where the goalposts change quickly; the BHSs, the Topshops and WHSmiths are shutting up shop – well maybe WHSmiths will survive it, who knows. Given this, how presumptuous would it be for bootstrapped freelancers, startups and small businesses to consider sailing to greater heights without putting in their all and then some? Well, it’s more than presumptuous, it would be downright deluded.

Since success is not guaranteed and we are sure that hard work improves our chances, I implore you again, do not rest on your loins. Dream of loftier circumstances, there is nothing wrong with that, but it’s going to take consistency and elbow grease to achieve.

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