Don’t let me deceive you

“Ma je kin tan yin je!”

That’s Yuroba, my Mother tongue, a Nigerian dialect, the best language in the world and it means, “Don’t let me deceive you!”

(Continuing with a Nigerian accent)

The journey you have decided to take – e no be easy, oh. That phrase was my first attempt at writing pidgin, a broken language spoken by people of African descent. How did I do my Original Naija friends?

(Back to regular accent. Which if you don’t know what it sounds like, click here to check it out on my YouTube channel. Hehe- did you like what I did there? Did you like that cheeky plug?)

Don't let me deceive you

For real though if you are anything like me, this so-called entrepreneur journey will make you cry manna.

(Forget it, I’ll be interchanging at whim, between a Nigerian accent and my everyday accent. For those who know, you know; for those who don’t, pleeaasse stick with it until the end.

As I was saying, you may be feeling the tough times. It’s as though everything comes at once; so much to do and so little time to do it. There’s only one of you, and you are expected to be organised, on time, multitask, deliver, be great, and that’s just the business stuff. Let’s not get started on the life stuff. It’s just as hectic, right?

Well, sorry to have to put it to you like this friend but you are going to have to put your big girl pants on and figure it out. Perhaps that’s harsh, but it’s the truth. If you think you are having a tough time now, “Ma je kin tan yin je (don’t let me deceive you)!” It gets tougher; entrepreneur life doesn’t get easier.

What entrepreneur life is like

You’ll have more significant decisions to make. There’ll be people calling you at inconvenient times because they need you. Expect days where meetings run back to back, allowing only enough time for a snooze in between. The choices you make will not only affect your life but the life of everyone connected to your business, in particular your staff. It gets more. When you desire great things, life gets more. 

Do you want that? Are you seeking that level of success where more of you is in demand? Well, you must learn how to deal with it. You grow up; you read; you study great people; you meditate; you pray; you exercise; eat right; you do absolutely anything, and everything it takes to transform the chaos in your mind to Peace, Joy and Power.

Soon enough, all that great stuff happening inside you will be evident on the outside. And, that’s when you’ll know that the true success, whatever that means to you, is happening right now!

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