Hard work and Patience

“Mum, you do know you actually built that brand. All those millions of fans came from your hard work!” These are words from my daughter. You have to laugh, don’t you; kids say the darndest things.

Kids are also very innocent and honest when they say things. Over the years, my ten-year-old daughter has witnessed my early morning starts, all day spent in front of my laptop and me skipping poolside in favour of the apartment’s balcony while on holiday so I can work. She knows her mum loves helping brands build their digital presence on social media. And, I wouldn’t swap it for the world.

As you can deduce from those paragraphs to get results on social media requires a great deal of effort. Less obvious is that it took patience in most cases; years to build a brand that others talk about.

I want to keep the clients happy, the contracts rolling in and doing my work in the sun, on the apartment balcony with great views. That meant in addition to the hard work, and patience, my team and I knuckled down learning about our target audiences and the content they want. We wanted to do what it takes to get results. Always remember that above all things, it’s the content that matters. We are committed to doing great work. That’s what gets results.

When things didn’t go our way we asked why? What should we have done? What should we never do again? And when things went well, we hit repeat.

Content Marketing is simple as long your focus is right. And the focus should always be on consistently creating content that the audience finds valuable. As creators, we have to remove emotion and “self” from the equation and think about the audience. Knuckle down, do the work and stop buying likes – I wrote about buying likes here. Click to have a read.

And that’s all folks. I’m going to love you and leave you. Please share your concerns, comments and questions down below, and I’ll be sure to respond.

Also to all the CEOs, Marketing Professionals, Founders and anyone else building a brand using social media, if you would and my team to work with, learn more here.

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