Have you heard of the Red Team?

The “Red Team” is a concept used in companies who give free rein to their GPs (General Partners) to implement new ideas independently.

GPs have full scope to execute fresh schemes but not before presenting to the Red Team for a thorough thrashing.

Even if they think it’s outstanding, Red Team members will find every reason why your idea is a non-starter. If you can still stand by your proposition at the end of their dressing down, you can proceed with your plans.

This form of stress testing works well in organisations not adverse to risk.

The Red Team

Taking risks allows companies to discover new territories, test beliefs, identify the loses and run with the winners.

The next time you want to do something risky, it may be worthwhile taking your idea to a group of people who are sure to tell you its futile. If after examining every weak angle, you can provide a strong rationale and discuss viable methods, you’re ready to see your risky idea through.

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