How long it takes to get your first customer

So precisely how long it takes to get your first customer?

After ten years, I finally decided to join the WINTRADE Business group. Then there was APPLE – I believe it has taken two years to agree with Apple that I will see what my friends are listening to. And there was something else. There was something I recently signed up to after taking forever to think about it…hmmm what was it?… Nah it’s gone.

Anyway, why am I sharing with you how long it took for me to sign up for these things? Well, I think it’s essential we recognise that the time it takes to get one customer could take as long as ten years.

Apple Music and Wintrade stories

Apple Music has been asking me to share the music I have been listening to with friends for years. Have you seen that request each time you log into the app? Have you shared your music? Well, since I have developed a real interest in Jazz and Classical music, I became aware my music list now looked swish. So of course, I want everyone else thinking I’m cool. And yes, I am clearly a victim of the social media “make your life look more impressive than it is” era.

I met the founders of WINTRADE, I am pretty certain, after a business meeting I attended in the early days of my business journey. And if I remember correctly the very next day I received a friendly email from the WINTRADE founder. I specifically remember the email being friendly but I, to be frank, ignored it. I’ve been receiving those emails for about ten years and done nada about it, until last week or so.

Last week, I read the email, accepted the business meeting invite, attended, and signed up to join the WINTRADE business group.


My point is this – if you have a good offering and target the right audience, eventually when the need arises they sign up, buy it, join or whatever call to action, you need them to take. And Apple and brands like them will tell you you can’t always predict how long that will take.

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