How to make what we are selling more appealing

The Problem the Creator Faces

Singing, dancing, acting, comedy and more; scroll through your phone, and you’re presented with every skill under the sun, by everyday people straight from the palm of your hand for free.

If you’re like my Aunty who recently decided she owed herself a social media recess from the endless hours spent scrolling her phone, fuelled particularly from nearly a year in lockdown, you rarely get bored with social media.

But as a creator, the problem you face is how do I compete with this talent? How can I get seen and heard amongst the sea of genius?

Create Creative Content, Then the Sales Come in - Perhaps

Ev-er-ry-body is on their phone. Ev-er-ry-body is creating, and some people are fantastic at it. They have huge, committed online followings making the ability to breakthrough appear daunting. Yet, there is hope, dear people.

It is tempting to think all we need to do is to get more creative with our content and the sales will come in. We consider with great depth, how can we improve the visibility of our products? What can we say to make what we are selling more appealing? How many times should we post to make sure we’re not forgotten? What quick-witted words are more persuasive? How can our images send the right messages? How about fun – can we inject more fun into our content? Funnier, more creative and extra content are rarely the reasons customers part with their money.

Have You Listened Yet?

Only after we have listened can we create for the market.

We are better able to answer our questions when we know the hopes and dreams of our customers. Customers buy how we make them feel. They want products that give them hope for the future. By listening, we can understand what these aspirations are and create content that meets these ambitions. Paying attention positions us to help customers manifest their visions and master their fears.

Social media audiences are not following us to buy our products. They commit to brands which help them achieve their dreams.

Observe and unravel the deepest desires of your customers, their families and community. Our job as marketing people is to be inspirational and supportive. We help people achieve. Listen to your customers – only when we have listened can we help customers accomplish the change they seek.


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