​How to Use Influencer Marketing for Brand Growth

Ads not hitting the mark? Feel like your social media engagement is just humming in the background? Let me introduce you to the formidable force of influencer marketing. Not only does it have the power to revamp your brand, but it’s becoming the key to unlocking authentic engagement.

Look, I get it. You’ve spent a fortune on ads, but the returns aren’t quite what you hoped for. Here’s a revelation for you – most online users aren’t on the web hunting for ads. But they are scrolling, clicking, and double-tapping to see what their favourite social media personalities are doing. You know who I’m talking about – the likes of Kylie Jenner, Nicole Snooki Polizzi, and our very own Patricia Bright.

The cold, hard truth? Consumers are side-stepping ads. That “skip” button on YouTube? Clicked without a second thought. Those ads on Facebook? Hidden before they even register. But hang on a sec, there’s a flip side. Products that media celebs and influencers are raving about? Now that’s a different story. These influencers, with their million-strong followings, are the ones shaping consumer decisions, moment by moment. Before I splash out on that next trendy item (yes, even if it’s just a Mac lipstick), I’m diving into YouTube for a ‘How-To’ or a product review.

The magic of finding the right influencer is that your target market? Yep, they’re already there, hanging on every word. Influencer engagement? It’s through the roof! And the stats around how consumers are influenced? Prepare to be amazed.


  • Did you know? For every dollar thrown into influencer marketing, an impressive $6.50 is the return. That’s not me talking; it’s from the folks at digital agency, Burst Media.
  • A whopping 74% of consumers are turning to social media before making their purchase decisions. That’s straight from sproutsocial.com.

Influencer marketing is crushing it because it fits seamlessly with how consumers are using social media. Platforms like YouTube are killing it with content that’s raw, real, and relatable. It’s a far cry from some traditional marketing efforts that can feel, well, a bit ‘try-hard’. If you want to ride the wave of current trends and get ahead, this is the way to go.

Building a robust and profitable business? It’s a wild ride, filled with challenges like crafting captivating marketing campaigns, hiring top-notch talent, being the absolute best, and of course, nailing that social media game. Bringing an influencer into your corner can supercharge your journey, making your social media strategy both more dynamic and effective.

Your next steps? Scout for a social media influencer whose vibe matches your brand ethos. Ensure they have a robust following and give them the reins to be creative. But, and this is crucial, ensure they have a clean slate and haven’t backed products that might clash with your brand’s image. Get to know them, understand their world, and ensure it’s a partnership built to last. Because, my friend, influencer marketing might just be your golden ticket to brand growth. 🚀

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