Inspiring but not always possible

Time to mediate
Time to pray
Time for family
Time to socialise
Time to work
Time to create
Time to be educated
Time to be inspired
Time to be seen and heard on social media

We are all getting busier and busier. The devices that have made life easier have also come with more things to do. Our expectations, desires, and dreams have grown, but we need time to do all of it simultaneously.

Marketing used to require us to plan and create campaigns. Once designed, we left them to run. Nowadays, marketing is an ever-present, ever doing, everyday activity, or so it seems.

Many brands have built their presence on the premise that more is best; more comments; more fans; more likes; more content created and distributed into social media land. And it works, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Influencers, social media moguls and Instagram celebrities do work that is inspiring but not always possible. For the mum’s running the home and a part-time job; the Dads striving to support his family working two jobs – they all want to build something of their own but are swamped. They can’t be creating content all of the time. Let’s not forget that being on social media is not a guarantee you will increase your products’ sales. Instead, it will serve you better to be clear.

You can begin with what and why. What change am I trying to make and to who am I trying to bring the change? Answering these questions allows us to be precise and focus on the most critical marketing aspects that enable us to reach those aims. Be specific and intentional in the content that you create even if it’s just once a day or once a week where your brand impacts one person or a group of people in a big way, making it hard to forget you.

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