Never forget How Amazing You Are

Posted by - Bess Obarotimi

Sometimes we need to take a little time out for ourselves to reflect over how amazing we are.

Imagine yourself at an interview, or trying to win a contract, pitching to some big wig about your accomplishments. Or how about your parents; imagine telling them about the great projects you have worked on and people you have met. Think about the successes you’ve had in your life, places you have been, the insights you’ve discovered, friends you’ve made. Rehearse that conversation over and over in your mind, making it more exciting and unforgettable each time.

Imagine what you would say if someone thought you were a waste of space. Maybe there is someone you know who openly underestimates you. What would you say to make them eat their words? To be clear, you aren’t trying to make them like you. In fact, by the end of it, they could very well be jealous and bamboozled by you. No; You want them to know they don’t know you and have got you all wrong.

Remember and recount every amazing thing about yourself, your personality and the life you live. Retell that story to yourself for a few days. You’ll feel rejuvenated for it. Trust me – I’ve done it.

Listen kiddo, never forget how badass you are.

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