Pause and Add Context

What to do today?

Pause and Add Context

It’s another day gang. The alarm on your phone woke you up at 6 AM. A procession of notification pings succeeded the trumpet call. You reached over to grab your phone, swipe up and catch up with where you left off the night before. You get up to speed with the latest from your digital world on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever social media platform takes your fancy. Or perhaps like me, you check them all, on the off chance you’ve received more likes on the last piece of content you posted yesterday.

All caught up; you begin thinking about the contribution you’re going to make to social media land today. “Shall I tell them how my night went?” or perhaps, “I’ll share my morning routine,” no even easier, “I’ll take a boomerang of me drinking my first coffee of the day!” you conclude to yourself.

Did You Pause to do this?

With a positive attitude, you drag yourself out of bed and put your best pyjama top on. On your way downstairs you pause in front of the bathroom mirror to make sure your messy bun looks effortlessly pretty. Ready to woo the world, you go down to the kitchen, fix your coffee; phone held in front of your face, get the correct filter, coffee at the right angle, pose and snap! But…and it’s an important but, did you pause to consider the brand relevance. Did you wonder whether that’s what your audience wants from you today?

It's all in the Context

Listen kiddos; I’ll be the first to tell there’s nothing wrong with a good selfie. But before you touch the send button, take a second to evaluate if your selfie helps you reach your brand goals.

Out here on these platforms, we’re taking audiences on a journey from A to B; with B being the place they click ‘buy’ on our websites. Give your selfie context. Remember to tell the brand story, share new ideas and change minds. You have to show that you care if you want to change minds at six in the morning.

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