Push Through Adversity

It happens to us all in life, where just when we think we’re getting our act together, walking in a stupor of serenity, some completely unexpected ferocious force comes along, threatening to disturb the felicity.

This, my dear friends, is life.

Even the canniest of men would love life to be perfect all of the time. Utter wishful thinking, I promise you.

Without the strife of life, there will be nothing for us to overcome; no heavyweight to contend against and become stronger. Our existence would be void of the opportunity to reckon with the daily conundrums.

Finding solutions makes us wiser. And as the Christians would say, “Without the test, there would be no testimony.”

So if you expect to triumph, expect to push through the adversity.

It is the woman who doesn’t allow the fury of hell on earth to bowl her over that achieves her desires. Instead, she feels the anguish most profoundly but doesn’t turn back. For her, the vision keeps her mind alive.

In the storm, she grabs her trench coat tight around her and dips her head. Meanwhile, her shoulder and cheek provide a shield against the wind. Even before now, she had resolved that when this time arrives, she will not be blown away.

Push Through Adversity

In the weeks before, she had made herself ready mentally, physically and emotionally. Thoroughly prepared, now she can push through the adversity. Unlike many before her who have failed to see victory, she is led by calling and not feelings. All the while, she tells herself, “This too will pass.”

Whatever comes your way, whether good or bad, don’t be taken astray from the path of your calling.

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