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Who's Using Snapchat?

I’m forty two years old and I don’t use Snapchat. Millennials use Snapchat. Don’t you Millenials?

Or, are you a Gen Y or X and use Snapchat regularly? Comment down below.

I’ve tried using Snapchat, but I don’t think this platform lends itself well to my lifestyle.

Snapchat users are outgoing, funny, foodies, have great makeup and hair. They know the latest slang. If I were to use Snapchat, it would results in endless snaps of me at my laptop. Boring!

What are Snapchat Users Like?

In my mind, Snapchat is for Millenials who eat out and party and can afford to spend their wages on clothes and Nike air trainers because they still love their mum and or do not have 2.5 kids.

This demographic and below it use Snapchat. My son told me.

But, when I read all the social media news Snapchat, it is continuously compared to facebook as the weaker platform. However, not according to the Millenials who think Facebook is dead.

Where Snapchat Founders Should Focus

So this is my advice to Snapchat. Why not just stick to what you do best. Ignore all the cyberbullying. They’re all jealous. Knuckle down and be amazing at what you do.

Why bother trying to be better than facebook?

The Millenials, who are what many marketers deem as the demographic that counts, use Snapchat. Some like it much more than Instagram.

Who knows, if you concentrate on what you’re good at with Snapchat, you may end up being better than facebook.

Mercy knows, even generation X and Y are already bored of the advert riddled, spying platform we know as Facebook.

Who saw the recent hashtag trending on Twitter? – #ClosedownFacebook, if memory serves me correctly.

I tell you what I used to love about Snapchat when I was on it -those short story episodes that were made by media companies. Do You know the ones?

They’d have episodes such as ‘Meeting my Ex’ after 5 years, and they worked so well. I really enjoyed them. I always wanted to do my own version but couldn’t think of anything interesting to say.

Do you use Snapchat? Do they still do those mini episodes? I hope so.

Should You Use Snapchat?

If you live a life worth talking and sharing about, you may want to start using Snapchat. It’s a story focused app, and they do that much better than Instagram or Facebook, in my opinion. Because that’s all, they do. There’s no confusion. Users know what to expect when they log in.

And they have great filters. Does Snapchat still have those great filters?

Do not get disheartened Snapchat. Be great at what you’re already good at.

I don’t think there’s any good trying to be all things to everyone.

Do No Abandon Facebook and Instagram Just Yet

Masses of respect to Mark Zuckerberg for what he’s achieved but do you really need to dominate in everything pertaining to social media?

I certainly do not think Snapchat should worry about things. Concentrate on growth within your niche Snapchat.

Personally, Lord forgive me, I think when Mark Zuckerberg gets too involved he sucks the fun out of everything.

I got bored with Facebook and switched to Instagram and now they are doing odd things over there. I’ve spoken about the algorithm a few months or so ago. I’ll put the video link below, in case you’re wondering about my thoughts.

I still use them. I think Facebook and Instagram and great apps. As long as you don’t get sucked into the politics if that’s the right word, that is obviously happening behind the scenes and even on the actual platform.

My advice to you Snapchat is get your creatives together, keep your ears to the ground really, understand what your users want. And show us some great things. Don’t get greedy, though.

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Now when I say rebel, I’m not saying you should do bad things.

My energy was misguided, but I think we should all rebel a little – go against the grain. We should figure out ways, legal ways to live life on our terms.

No matter how tough and different those ways may look, we must do them to get the things that we want. Follow your instinct. Follow your gut. Don’t do everything just for the approval and applause.

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