Stop Scrolling, Start Creating

Are you reading this on your phone? “Yes!”, I suppose, is the answer for many of you. Can I say it’s an absolute honour to have anyone take the time to read what I have created. Particularly when I believe I have something important you need to read.

I have another couple of questions before we move on. Do you have a brand that you want to use social media to promote massively? I hope that’s another, “Yes!”. It is? Great. How are you getting on with that? Not so great? Ok, here’s the thing.

As much as I love the fact that you’re reading this article on your phone, it is the same device that you should be using to create content. Does that make you feel uncomfortable because you know you should, but you’re not? Good. You should be a little uncomfortable because that means you are ready to change things.

You know deep down that you should be using your phone to create content to become more influential, share your ideas, inspire your generation, and fulfil your purpose in life? You know all of this, but you get stuck at how? How do I do my best work? How do I make sure I provide content that is of value, original, gets liked and shared?

We all want to share great content. But you don’t have to put that pressure on yourself to be amazing. You only have to be honest; yourself, wherever you are, with whatever you are doing, right now.


Stop scrolling, start creating
Elsa Majimbo | 15X chess champion | professional bragger 🕶

Social media users aren’t asking for perfection; they want to see your truth. A quick selfie, with a hello, an update, a beautiful picture, some inspiring words, a lesson learnt from the real world and not the fantasy world of TV and movies will suffice. Social media is not about creating a blockbuster TV series. It’s more like reality TV but without a seasoned film crew.

Some of the most significant social media influencers are where they are by being their unfiltered authentic selfie. Take Elsa Majimbo for instance – loved her from day one and I highly recommend you follow her, look at her content (on Instagram here) and like and reshare as you go along. Get a sense of how being you, ‘sells’. You don’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to more than 5 mins, but you have to be willing to provide something of value to your audience. You also have to show up if you want to be seen and heard. Stop Scrolling, Start Creating!

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