Stop wasting time and get more customers

I love the content. I love creating it, distributing it and the people who engage with it. I also love the ‘likes’, the shares and the comments – who doesn’t? You and I both know the content will get you results. Experience has taught us our social media activities develop brand visibility, so it’s an activity you have to spend much time on. But you must also be wise about it because visibility is not enough. We want more customers.

Often, we get these great ideas for our content that do not tie into the results we want. Instead of putting our customers first, we do great work, but completely irrelevant to their needs. Rather than understanding the culture, we post these messages that do not connect and waste our time convincing people who are not ready. Unless we give our customers what they want, they will not be interested in what we have to say.

Of course, not everybody will be interested in our work, which is fine. Everybody cannot want what we are selling. Therefore, in preference of a ready market, focus your messages on the group of people most likely to buy your product. These are the people whose deepest fears and most craved after desires you understand. What issues do they want to solve? What messages are they seeking to find? What stories do they want to hear? – know these and create the answers.

Our solutions must help our customers if we want to make headway in the game. Often, we create content that solves the question of “How can I make more money?”. Our customer doesn’t care how much money we make. And even if you are not saying it explicitly, the customer can sense it, and it is offputting. How about saying, “How can I make my customer more money, or status, or knowledge or peace of mind?”, or whatever emotion you know your customer wants to experience. You want more, but first, you must help your customer get more. You have to make what your customer wants your primary focus, or they won’t be interested – ever.

When you help your customers achieve more, make more money, save more time, have more fun, look more beautiful, know more, and you do it very well and consistently, your brand will become important. So, create the right messages. If your message is understood and the customer achieves what they want, you are the brand they remember when it is time to buy.

Stop wasting time and get more customers. Think, how can I serve you? The next time you create content, make sure you answer this question.

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