The One thing You Must Focus On

There is one thing you must focus on from here on end, Mon Amie. Come to think of it; there may be more than one. I’ll have to decide how many more in the course of this writing. But I want you to know this – when I sat down to write today, I was purposeful in choosing a subject to discuss that would help you achieve your desired success.

I write today from my personal experience; of both the failures (if you can call them that; they have been more like a long run of lessons learnt), and the successes, of which I have faith will be significant still.

Your journey may or may not be as arduous as mine. Each of us has a different path to walk. In fact, do not be despaired if your journey turns out to be more challenging than most. Sometimes these things are necessary depending upon the purpose of each person in life. The challenges we face have been set unique to each of us by universal powers to test and strengthen us for the work ahead. It is up to us to realise this and discover the lessons we are to learn. We can then use those lessons to become better versions of ourselves and do more remarkable exploits for others. Furthermore, you must realise there is a perfect reward on the other side of each trial to enable you to do all that is needed to succeed in life.

The Matter of Building Your Business

Okay so let’s get onto the discussion of business since that is why I began this article. As I said, there is one thing I have learned that you must focus on in this matter of building your business.

Now, I realise you have a million and one things that you already attend to. Perhaps you are a wife and mother juggling the demands of motherhood as well as managing a happy and prosperous home. Or, maybe you are a student, striving to be dutiful to your parents while working hard to gain exceptional grades in your studies. Or you could be a husband who loves his wife dearly, plays with and train his children as well as ensures the bills are paid. Of course, these are not the only concerns of most people. But for the sake of simplicity, I have narrowed it down to what I presume to be a few general (and hugely outdated) characteristics of life.

Listen, chums, with all the things that we must juggle these days, including running our businesses; we must also build it – with a large emphasis on build. I have seen many who say they are building their business, but spend hours engaged in activities that will prove otherwise.

One significant activity must take primary focus if we are to get more clients, and that activity is marketing.

Don’t be afraid, weary or misinformed. Send emails; pick up the phone; tell your friends and family about the work you do; encourage them to spread the word; build your network; be sure to allocate a budget for advertising; create great work and distribute it on social media daily; all day if possible – because unless people know and remember you for the business you are in, you will remain on the same spot and I fear, eventually give up.

Don’t ever give up. In fact, giving up is the real failure and not the trials and tribulations we all face. You can succeed if you set your mind to it, dear friend. Focus on your business; feverishly marketing and advertising what you do.

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