The Real Work Begins

Look I bet you’re spending your days creating great content, right? And I bet it costs you a lot in time, money, mental, physical and emotional space to do your best work. It’s a lot, I know. You’re doing great. You ought to be proud of yourself. But now the real work begins.

If you read my blog yesterday, you’ll know I referred to a group of phenomenal people on social media land I called ‘The Influencers’. You know them. Everybody does. They do great work, and their social media accolades include large, passionate followings and a constant stream of work and income. You want to be like them. I get it.

Now, I truly believe a small number of naturally gifted people merely create and get adored for it. They are only a few of these geniuses. And let’s be honest, many years back it was easier to become one of those rare hotshots on social media land. However these days and for many of us, we have to put in some extra work. We, instead of waiting for the fans to come to us, must go to them.

Take my word for it – what I am about to recommend to you, I have personally used to build brands, and I know it works. All it requires is that you focus and take the time out to realise your dreams.

This is what you do – after you have created and posted great work, you must engage. Engagement is such a simple word to those of us who have been in this game a while. It’s an activity you are more than familiar with, but do you do enough of it?

No? well, let me prescribe this to you – each time you put out content, comment on as much content by other creators in your feed. Do as much of it as is feasible but spend at least 5 minutes. You should be able to manage 5 minutes, right? Then, visit the hashtags you used in the content you posted and ‘like’ and engage with the content you see here also. Make a particular effort to engage with those with smaller or similar followings to you. I promise that when the content creators see your engagement, they will visit your profile to do the same. Some may even follow you – I know, amazing! PLUS, they’ll see that awesome content you shared minutes earlier – more reach right?

The Real Work Begins

A few warnings – not everyone will respond, and it takes time for others to click that you even exist. However, repeat this prescription a few times a day if possible but at least once. Bearing in mind that the more you do it, the more effective it will be in building brand awareness. Got it? Now go do it!

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