When in doubt

Doubt kills creativity; it will kill great work and you can forget about you ever succeeding in anything you set out to do if you are worried that you haven’t got what it takes.

Before anyone can believe in you, you must believe in you. If no one celebrates you, celebrate yourself. And when your nearest and dearest doesn’t notice you, don’t take it personally; most people are wrapped up in their own troubles. When in doubt, do some self-evaluation to lift the spirits. It goes a bit like this.

Yesterday did you do at least one of these? Did you do your best to be of value to a group of people through your work and giftings? Were you supportive as much as you could to those around you who needed it? Did you inspire someone to be the best version of themselves? Great stuff, Champ!

Today, are you doing one of these? Are you enthusiastic and grateful for the new day? Are you filled with passion for giving it your all? Where you messed up yesterday will you make it right today? Will you keep your eyes open for opportunities and grab them? Will you love and be loved? Super stuff dear because that is all you need to do. Don’t doubt yourself when you are striving to be the best you can be. Celebrate yourself and have another great day today!

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