When your friends don’t like your content

Just a reminder for some of you who get a little hurt when your friends don’t like your content.

I’d like to let you know that the platforms don’t show everything you share to everyone who follows you, even your closest mates.

Another thing – your closest mates aren’t online as much as you think. It’s actually possible.

Interestingly (and it’s one thing that makes me laugh), the biggest complainers are usually the worst offenders of not liking content. Just saying.

It’s like, I see some people complain a lot, and I’m like, well, you don’t like my content. But as I say, I like to give those people the benefit of the doubt. You may not have seen my content.

I also believe that people are at liberty to like what they want. I mean…let’s all be honest. Sometimes I just don’t like your content. And I don’t like or want what you are selling. You don’t have to like or want mine either.

However, let’s do well to support those in our network trying their darndest to build something – even when it hurts you to do so because showing love is the biggest power you have. And what you give, you will receive one way or another.


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