Why a Black British Content Creators Meetup

I was thinking about why I set up the Black British Content Creators Meetup. Or maybe I was trying to justify the event to myself.

After all, there are creators in the demographic who do well. So is it me?

But when I examined my intentions more, and the issues I perceived existed, I began to sense it was a particular type of creator who trended. Black creators who are popular tend to be in fashion, music, and comedy and have EXTRA personalities.

And why not. I love them and am super proud of those talented creators who create highly consumable content and get noticed.

However, you regularly hear content creators complain that you cannot get away with being basic in our community. And there are industries outside the ones mentioned that even an extravagant personality won’t make the fight any easier.

In other words, certain topics, genres and personalities tend to excel on socials. Correct me if I am wrong.

So I’m convinced that strength and unity amongst us will go a long way. Like they say. It’s not what you know but who you know.

April 29th will be the inaugural meetup event for Black British Content Creators.

The meetup was birthed from the desire to help bring together a community of people who face unique challenges when building an online presence. I believe regular meetups will allow us to come together to support, and unite with one another.

To learn more and get your ticket, click here – The Black British Content Creators Meetup.


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