4 Brand Values to Keep your Customers loyal

Customers are the life of your business and they want to have a great experience when using its services. To be loyal they want those experiences to be great. I’ve learnt there are four brand values that will keep your customer loyal and I’ll show you the good the bad and the ugly.

1.  Going beyond expectations.

There is very little room for mistakes and oversights when running a brand. And, you have to be about fifty steps in front of the customer. You have to anticipate their every need, desire, questions, their likes, their dislikes. If you are running a very niche brand you may want to make sure you are on top of individual nuances.  One thing customers love are products and services with bells and whistles, that meet their every whim without having to tell you about them. Everybody loves surprises and you can get this right, your customer will be in for a right treat. But of course, we can’t all be clairvoyant but learning along the way will help as well as some good old intuition.  Check your CRM systems. Do the research. Listen to the customers. Learn the reasons why they don’t come back? Figure out why they buying from you in the first place? Do a periodic audit of these issues and set up timelines to implement actions to your findings.

2. Style

Rachel Zoe said “Style is way to say what you are without having to speak!” Everyone loves good style. It goes without saying if your brand can project good style your customers will stick with you. It’s one of the reasons the Apple brand did so well.

3. Quality

Not the same as style. Quality is a comparative measure.  The customer wants to believe that when they buy your product not only are they getting the best  value for their money but it can’t be got anywhere else easily. Whether it’s within the advice you give, the products that are used, the after care. deliver better than your competitors as best you can. Customers are prepared to pay for top quality and they’ll stay with your for it

4. Timeliness

This has got to be a premium feature for your customers. We live an extremely fast culture where our customers want things delivered in a day max. Obviously this is not doable for the most part for certain types of industry but we have to be pretty quick. there also be certain parts of our services that we So what do we do, we manage customer expectations. always draw out timelines that you can feasibly manage than add some extra time as a contingency


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