Posted by Bess Obarotimi | January 2, 2024
Authentic Growth in 2024

My only goal is to achieve authentic growth in 2024 by sticking to real goals and embracing personal development. Read the latest article and share your goals.

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Collage of diverse Black women entrepreneurs showcasing different professions and activities, embodying Ethnic Minority Women Entrepreneur Support.
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | December 17, 2023
EmpowerHer: Uniting to Build Legacies and Powerful Brands

Ethnic Minority Women Entrepreneur Support through Bess Obarotimi's EmpowerHer with workshops and resources for business growth

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ChatGPT LeBron James, in his vibrant yellow Los Angeles Lakers jersey, showcases his "LeBron James Personal Brand" as he skillfully handles the basketball during a game.
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | December 14, 2023
How LeBron James Built an Personal Brand Beyond Sports

LeBron James Personal Brand - transforming NBA success into a powerful personal brand, exemplifying authenticity and influence in sports and beyond.

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Posted by Bess Obarotimi | December 5, 2023
Nella Rose & Brand Controversy Management: Learning from ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’

Nella Rose and Brand Controversy Management on 'I’m A Celebrity.' Public perception and cultural sensitivity reshapes personal branding.

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A glimpse of Rihanna's Fenty Beauty success with products on display, including a shimmering gold highlighter with the FB emblem.
Posted by Bess Obarotimi | December 4, 2023
Build a Billion-Dollar Empire Like Rihanna: 10 Golden Nuggets for Brand Success

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty success, driven by strategic brilliance and inclusivity, now ranks as the leading celebrity brand.

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Posted by Bess Obarotimi | November 2, 2023
How to Get Your First 100 Highly Engaged Fans on any Platform

Discover three impactful strategies to attract your first 100 Highly Engaged Fans. Dive in and transform your social media game!

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Posted by Bess Obarotimi | October 16, 2023
The Magic of Crafting Your Multi-Layered Brand Around One Word

Discover the power of one defining word in personal branding. Learn how this single term can elevate your brand's impact and attract a loyal following.

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Posted by Bess Obarotimi | October 14, 2023
Jada Pinkett Smith Redefines Powerful Personal Branding

Trending and Worthy: Jada Pinkett Smith Shakes Up Hollywood Norms and Redefines Powerful Personal Branding in the Age of Authenticity

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Posted by Bess Obarotimi | October 5, 2023
Why Your Brand Needs More Than Just ‘Good Values’

Multifaceted Branding: How Gucci blends sustainability, art, and heritage to craft a compelling, enduring brand identity.

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Posted by Bess Obarotimi | August 6, 2023
Transform Customer Behaviour on Social Media.

An open letter to CEOs: Uncover proven strategies to transform customer behaviour on social media. Turn followers into loyal fans and customers.

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