Five Golden Content Rules to Help You Thrive

It goes without saying, this COVID-19 pandemic has got you thinking and doing things differently. Although some of us are fed up of hearing or talking about it, we’ve all got to take action.

As you can expect me to say, I think now is one of the best times for you to get super serious about creating the type of content that could potentially build a strong, well-known brand generating huge profits.

Listen, nothing good comes easy. You know that. But listen to this, with focus and a Content strategy in place, you can make phenomenal expansion with your brand – even while we are all stuck indoors. If you’re ready and willing to make strides, here’s 5 Golden Content Rules to help you.


I’m going to assume you’ve got a business idea that you’re passionate about – that’s an excellent place to start. The first golden content rule is to START SOMETHING.

Go online, choose any platform and create some content that introduces you and your business. If you’ re already doing that well done, you can move to rule two.


Download this Content Planner and plan content for the next 30 days. Now what is vital here is that you focus on content that Inspires, Educates and Entertains. If you’re stuck for ideas, move to golden content rule three.


On the platform you chose in golden content rule one, plus one/two other platforms, spend an hour or so looking at content that you like. Begin to understand what makes that content perform well and then figure out how you can make it authentic to your brand. Once satisfied you’ve learnt something new, make sure you’ve completed golden content rule two, and then you can move to rule four.


Always remember that Content Marketing is not a quick fix approach. It’s not going to make you rich tomorrow. Neither is Content marketing like Advertising. It’s almost like a service. You provide great content that will attract a target audience. Gradually they become a loyal and larger audience willing to buy goods and services from your brand. It is going to require you to keep learning about your audience and creating the content that they want.

The single most important way you’re going to attract and hold your target audience’s attention is by creating valuable content. If you do not do this, be warned that your audience will go to get it elsewhere.

To emphasise, whenever I use the phrase ‘valuable content’ I am referring to educational, inspirational and or entertaining content. This is the type of content social media audiences want. Everything else is CRAP!

RULE FIVE: Bring Your A Game

Every single day you’re going to wake up with passion. You are going to create the content that you put on your content planner in rule two and post it.

Because Content Marketing is much more about community, you’re going to reply to people and comment on the content of others.

Don’t ever forget that for most content creators, this is a tough game, so you are going to always do golden content rule one to five. Moreover, put in the time, bring you’re ‘A’ game and NEVER GIVE UP!


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