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Our marketing expresses our thoughts, desires, and dreams with our audiences. It’s also our genuine attempt to connect with those we believe our brand offers something. People like us.

That audience connection is one of the most complex goals we will attempt to achieve with our work. And it’s a daily toil to give our best creative work whilst also making sure we have understood what our audience wants to receive. It’s both a selfish and arduous task.

Thankfully, our audiences don’t request all the bells and whistles in these days of social media. They only require that we are honest, share ourselves, what we stand for and everything we hope to do for them, the audience.

And what the audience expects is a great starting point to consider. If we can help ourselves from overthinking the process and not hold ourselves to perfection, we can focus on sharing our passion and truth.

Our audiences seek to connect with brands that can express who they are. They need us to be unapologetically bold in who we are as it relates to who they are or hope to be. We become an extension of their lives if we can use our platforms to communicate our shared beliefs and stand up for their rights whilst holding fast to our values. That’s where the connection is; where our truth meets theirs, as close as possible.

It’s pretty magical. Truthfully. Magical is how I feel about it because each brand has its blueprint. And when we truly express who we are and why we exist, we have a story that is impossible to replicate. And the beauty is we can create work that audiences haven’t seen before; something new, honest, and appealing.

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