When you need help being consistent on social media

This blog post is for those of you who need help being consistent on social media.

Maybe you’re discouraged because you’re not getting the reach you hoped for.  Or maybe you don’t know what to post. Perhaps you’re not confident about the content that you need to post.

If you’re feeling like this, firstly, you must go back to your why.

Why are you doing it? Why are you creating content? Why do you want to be on socials? Usually, your why will include one of the following reasons:

To make an impact
To follow your calling
To build something
To share your gifting
To inspire and educate

Whatever your why is, always let that be your driving force for being on social media. Don’t be on socials for the likes. Not even the sales. Because when they don’t come quickly, you’ll give up easily.

Create because of your why.

And for each of you in this category, I want to give you these simple content ideas to post over the next few days.

  1. An inspiring word
  2. What you’re eating or drinking
  3. What you’re doing
  4. What you’re wearing. And I’m speaking to the men and women
  5. Where you’re at. For example, the gym, the park, the movies, your garden, the office and even at home. Grab your phone record or snap it and upload it with a story.

You don’t have to complicate it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the content should tell your brand’s story. If you like, you can go on repeat with these content ideas every five days. But keep telling that story.  

That’s what social media is about – storytelling—the most powerful way to build a brand and audience of loyal customers.

A lot of businesses fail at social media because they try to sell. No one wants to be sold to. 

What you must do is create entertaining and relatable content. Content that people will want to engage with, talk about and remember you by.   

You’re building a brand, you’re connecting with fans, you’re creating consumable content, but essentially, you’re telling stories. Stories get you remembered.

By doing social media this way, you will build an audience of people interested in your brand, which you can keep nurturing until they are ready to buy or tell their friends about you. 

I hope this help. Please leave any questions in the sections but equally, send me a DM let’s arrange a quick 15 min call. 

Don’t hesitate. Do it today.


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