Understanding ChatGPT Social Media Limitations

I think ChatGPT is trash for socials if you want to have a strong brand voice on socials.

I’ve used ChatGPT consistently, so I know what I am talking about when I say I think ChatGPT is trash for socials.

For about a year, I used ChatGPT to help me with anything from parts of my book to a simple WhatsApp message. And it’s fun. It also makes work a lot easier. I can do a lot more by using ChatGPT as an assistant.

Part of the reason I started using the app is because I didn’t want to get left behind by the technology.

And it does that well.

But it’s also frustrating. More than the fact that it doesn’t always get what you’re saying, or do what you ask, no matter how many times you ask, it’s the fact that it’s devoid of any resemblance of human nature. Chat has no personality or emotion.

I admit I have used it to write social media content. I don’t know why. Well, actually I do. The thing that makes Chat appear attractive is all the flowery wording that it uses. Put something into ChatGPT and it’ll make it sound like a seasoned writer wrote it. It’s like poetry. But it all sounds the same and it’s not always easy reading.

No one, absolutely no one speaks and relates in the way ChatGPT does, which is what you need for socials. You need reliability. And let’s not forget the fact that if you’re a British user, this app will actually out you if you forget to change the Zs to Ss.

I just can’t stand the way it writes. I often find myself thinking, is there a higher-up that wants everyone to sound the same? Imagine if we all got to using ChatGPT, everyone’s writing would be seemingly perfect, but we would all sound the same. The TV, socials, books – everything would be perfectly the same.

I’ll do things like write a whole personal piece. Say, for example, I went out with friends and I add in that I was feeling super excited, and I detail what I wore and things my friends said and what we were eating. ChatGPT has this annoying way of stripping out all the emotion and personality. At the end it’ll sound like a report rather than a nice chat with friends.

You can’t even get ChatGPT to come up with good TikTok captions. Let’s take this TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@viralproblem95/video/7356225501498854689

And let’s imagine the creator tells ChatGPT that this is the caption to use but it needs refining: “This woman talks a lot 😓 #stubborn #viral #clips #viralproblem95 #uk #goviral #woman #fyp #foryoupage #totally #mad #england #english #grandma #kyl”

This is what ChatGPT comes up with: “Caught on camera: A mother confronts the homeowner—requests her child’s bully to step outside. Things just got real! 😓 #DramaAlert #ViralVideo #UK #ParentingInAction #Confrontation #FYP #ForYouPage #MotherBear #England”

Like, who wants to read that? Confronts? Requests? We’re not writing a dissertation.

And don’t tell me all you’ve got to do is tell ChatGPT to make the writing informal. When I do that, if Chat obeys the command, I end up sounding like I was the person who invented British Cockney.

These days, I literally write what I want and say this to ChatGPT: “DO NOT CHANGE THE WORDS” (I find caps can come in handy if you don’t want ChatGPT to ignore you, because it will), but check for grammar and spelling. That works for me.

The main reason is ChatGPT can only be as good as the programmers. I suspect the programmers aren’t avid social media users, or they don’t have a wide variety of programmers, or as with all technology, there’s a whole lot more to come. But do we want that? Do we want Chat to write our social media captions?…NO. No computer can mimic individual personality. It’s impossible.

Take my advice: ChatGPT is trash for socials. Don’t let it write for you; write your own stuff. Having said that, it’s important that you use ChatGPT a lot to really get used to it and make it do what you want.


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