Blow up on Facebook Watch

A Faceflix Vision

Blow up on Facebook Watch

It’s 2021 – obviously. Three years ago, I evaluated Facebook Watch, and I thought it would blow up by now. I had a kind of Faceflix vision in my mind. I saw these brands and production houses (if that’s what they are called), producing FB original mini-series.

I don’t watch Facebook Watch often but I get the impression that my mind’s vision is possibly still in the manifestation stage.

So far I have only had two shows; (1)┬áRed Table Talk with Jada Pinkett-Smith, her mum and daughter, and (2) ┬áSuper Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey making regular appearances across my feed in the way I thought more would. There may be more, but Facebook doesn’t think I’d be interested in those, so I don’t get to see them.

Readers, after writing the previous paragraph, I did a little research and you can access a wide range of Facebook Watch shows when you click here. Have look and see where your brand fits it.

So, in 2017, I said Facebook Watch is underutilised. I honestly believe in 2021 it still is.

Consumable Content is the Thing

Blow up on Facebook Watch

With next to nothing budgets, brands can create very watchable TV programs for the fans; this should be a thing. Facebook Watch should have come further these days. But since it hasn’t, so there’s still a good chance.

I think it’s because the big brands don’t get it. So if you are a smaller brand or influencer, which is really where the action is, take advantage, in a big way this year. I’ve seen a few of you and there could be more.

If you have even a smidgen of capacity, (if not create it) produce series and shows; entertain, inform and inspire audiences.

Disrupting Dated Business Models

Blow up on Facebook Watch

Facebook is still the biggest used social media platform, and the old business models can and will be disrupted. And whilst senior management is not convinced or ready or both, you have a real chance to ride the wave and change the game. Facebook Watch could provide you with that opportunity to get your brand in front of fans in a relatable, consumable and original way.

The fight for attention is fierce, but you can’t breakthrough when you compete at the same level. Do something new and spectacular. Explore Facebook Watch. Brands need to give social media users more credit and recognise that they want something tantalising to hook them on a massive scale, daily. Set up a creative team to do this, have patience and build an engaged audience.

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