Creating Binge-worthy Content

Ok, this video is for Content Creators: micro Influences, Brand, CEO’s, Founders and the Marketing. I’m going to be sharing significant insight into content creation that could catapult your brand’s awareness. Let’s talk about Creating Binge-worthy Content.

One of the greatest aspects of social media is the ability to create content that has your audience glued to your brand – they are stuck on your page consuming everything you put out there because it’s binge-worthy. And it may not be that you are necessarily selling through your content, but you do have fans thinking about your product.

We use marketing to increase the likelihood of a purchase. Content Marketing and Social Media allows us to capitalise on marketing principles that increase the social interaction between fans, potential customers and our brand. The stronger the level of connection social media audiences have, the better the brand perception and the greater the selling prospects.

Your brand can position themselves into creating content in a fashion not dissimilar to a binge-worthy Netflix series. If you can create content so appealing and valuable, you strengthen brand perception. While the audiences are consuming your content, they are thinking of your brand, whether that’s subconsciously or not.

So if you think of the popular Netflix series like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, The Crown; where you have groups of people interesting who are avid fans of these shows. Now, these fans are discussing the shows with other fans, on social media and at work. As well as recommending the shows to their friends on Facebook, for example. As a brand, you can replicate a similar situation. You can generate a lot of attention and conversation around your brand in the same way.

Watch the video and hear what I have to say.

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