Creating content to be seen

The case for creating content at scale

If you come to me asking for marketing advice, one of the things I’m sure to advise is creating content at scale. But there is a caveat.

But firstly, understand that my recommendation for high-scale content creation comes from recognising that different content appeals to different subsets of your audience. Not to mention users logging in at various times during the day and more likely to miss our work if we didn’t spread publishing throughout the day.

We also consider the algorithms. While we never let the algorithms dictate what we create, we acknowledge that they set a standard for getting attention. And we’ll continue not being led by the algorithms because we have successfully built large audiences by creating good quality content valued by the intended audiences. However, focusing on sharing your best work increases the likelihood of the algorithms increasing your exposure.

It doesn’t matter what the algorithms are measuring at any given moment. Their main objective is to ensure users of the platform see content that they find most engaging. So rather than giving ourselves a headache keeping up with ever-changing algorithm measurements, doing our best work for our audiences is the main concern. And this also keeps the algorithms happy.

An opportunity for Brands

One truth we have come to accept even more is that social media users enjoy spending their time consuming good content – really good content. They love it. Everywhere you go, you see consumers swiping up. Trouble is, our research has also found that they are swiping up because a lot of the content doesn’t cut the mustard, which creates an opportunity for brands who put in the work creating content that the algorithms will push to audiences.

Experts in content creation have long advised brands to consider themselves media companies when creating on the platforms. And there has never been a better time for that than now. Audiences are quickly turning off their TVs and seeking bite-sized entertainment from the palm of their hands. Audiences are following and keeping up with brands that can hold their attention nearly the same way they expect from TV. And your brand has to be there to give them this similar experience.

When you use social media for marketing, creating content to be seen is not enough. You have to create content to fulfil the audiences’ need to be mentally and emotionally stimulated from the palm of their hands. Let it be memorable and meaningful enough that audiences keep coming back. You can’t get lazy. Good content takes thought and preparation to cut through the noise.

The Caveat

So whilst I still believe creating at a high level of consistency keeps you at the top of the audience’s mind. The caveat is to focus on publishing your best work, even if that means not creating every day.

What content publishing schedule have you found works for you?


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