Just About Time to Give Up

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Just About Time to Give Up

Whatever you do, don’t give up Content Marketing. If you’ve never felt like it’s just about time to give up, you’re probably not human. On social media, especially when you’re building your brand, you could end up feeling like this every day. In this video, I’m sharing business advice to motivate and keep you pushing forward.


Hello #ContentMasters,

Today’s ACTION POINT is to create and post content where you share a transformational period in your life or business.

Choose a significant experience in your life that you believe will communicate your brand story. That’s the story you’re going to tell in your content.

People enjoy hearing about real-life stories. Usually, these stories have elements that your audience can relate to will help build an emotional connection with you and your brand.

In life, even though we’ve had, heard or witnessed similar experiences in life, each story is always unique. Your unique story is what will make your brand stand out and become more memorable in your target audiences mind.

Now, the element of your story that is going to make it stick in your audiences’ mind is to reveal how you have faced and overcome a particular challenge. Challenges always spark emotional, whether its sadness, anger or frustration and that’s what makes them so powerful. If it’s a challenge that your audience are also experiencing, they are going to want to find out how you overcame it. It may be just the solution they need. You can use this to your advantage and reveal how your brand provides the solution that allowed you or your company to triumph when facing a complex issue. The emotions that you are going to spark with this part of your story are relief, happiness and hope.

Know this, your audience may never remember everything you say, but they will remember the way you make them feel. Leave them feeling optimistic that they interacted with your content and have a solution to resolve their current difficulties.

All the best! 🙂



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