Why Social Media Is for Storytellers, Not Trend Chasers

If the very thought of social media makes you want to run for the hills, if the idea of public exposure leaves you cold – that’s completely fine. My mission isn’t to persuade the unwilling. My work isn’t for you.

Seth Godin, a master of marketing wisdom, once imparted a piece of advice that’s stayed with me – I can’t recall the exact words, but it boiled down to being audacious enough to create for ‘us’ rather than ‘them’. This nugget of knowledge, which I believe comes from his book on tribes, has become a mantra for my approach to marketing.

With every passing year in the industry, the truth of this advice becomes more evident, and it fuels my passion to double down, embracing authenticity, and creating for people like us – the ones eager to craft and share genuine stories. It’s not intended for the skeptics, the naysayers, the ones quick to label our passion as mere folly or deception.

I stand with you, the visionaries who believe in the magnetic pull of authentic storytelling to attract kindred spirits. We’re here to forge connections that touch the soul, to share work that sparks transformation. Our path to being seen and heard hinges on our courage to unapologetically showcase the best of what we do to create positive change.

The tide is turning, and more brands must embrace this shift to ascend and thrive rather than merely survive. Our plan is simple: we start with our ‘whys’ – the driving force behind our existence. We dedicate ourselves to telling memorable stories, engaging in meaningful conversations, and nurturing communities brimming with individuals who resonate with our ethos.

In this era of fleeting fads, we choose to be the lighthouse, guiding through authenticity, ensuring that every ‘yes’ we receive is from someone like us, someone who truly believes in the change we’re championing.

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