Get into the Habit

Where Your Habits Will Take You

We become accustomed to the social media platform we get into the habit of using. I was once addicted to Facebook, having been terrified of it in the beginning. Having overcome my fear, I indulged daily and made a career out of it. (You never know where life will take you!)

And now I encourage a clientele, some of whom some also loathe social media, to create compelling content to convert target audiences into loyal fans.

We're Creatures of Habit

Usually, late adopters are of a particular age group who can’t understand the concept of putting their life out there. Or, they don’t have the time, find social media boring and a considerable effort to retrain their brain. Those same people consider it to be an evil necessity, and that’s a good start.

The trick to taking up any activity that is good for us is to get into the habit of doing it. Honestly creating content for myself doesn’t come easy. I get paid to do it. So doing it for myself usually takes last place if at all, which is why I have to set a reminder on my phone that prompts me to put out content for my brand. Seriously!

Typically, I may begin the day strong. 5 am I’m up, and I’ll write an article. Another habit I’ve cultivated. If I like it, the article will be uploaded to the site or made into a video and sent out in a newsletter. Afterwards, I’ll get on with promoting other brands.

Without my trusty reminder, that first post in the morning may be all I send out. If that piece of writing didn’t make the cut, nothing is likely to go out that whole day. The hard truth is, if you want to use content marketing to gain influence, you need to visible and memorable. One piece of content when you can remember or have the time to post is not enough. You need to be on your A-Game 24-7.

What Action Has to do With Success

My preach for the week is, get into the habit of creating valuable content to attract customers to your brand. You won’t get anywhere just dreaming and hoping. Success requires action — usually a lot of it over a sustained period.

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