Why Property Maintenance Is Essential Marketing

Hello Comrades,

My writing has been rather lacking in recent months. All my fault.

Mostly because I have not made it a priority and partly because I have not had much to say, which, in fact, comes from the first excuse I gave.

If you have been following me on social media, you will know that I have been heavily involved in the property management business. My role is twofold – marketing to find landlords and then managing the properties. No easy feat, I can assure you, especially the finding landlords part.

Daily, I send letters, create content, and soon there will be ads going out. However, I sense I have a little way to go to build credibility and trust.

We have a few properties and need more, but at the moment, a large proportion of the customer enquiries are either fruitless or take an incredibly long time to materialise, which I suppose is the law of the land when it comes to these things.

I must say that all in all, one thing I am optimistic about is that my immediate network of friends and family are more likely to be interested in my latest venture than in past ones.

This is a business that they genuinely wish to be a part of. They would like to be landlords and invest in property. The only thing in between their goal and them are funds. But I am hopeful that one day, soon, one of them will be ready. In the meantime, my goal is to show them what could be theirs.

But that isn’t what I came to talk to you about. Now, the statement I am about to make is not one that I have suddenly learnt. I have known it all along, but my current line of work has made it even more apparent, and that is that everything is marketing. I will explain why I say that.

It saddens, or more accurately, maddens me to say that I have walked into properties that are not fit for a dog, let alone a human being, to reside in.

Floor to ceiling damp, causing the floor to literally be floating – whatever has been used as flooring, be it carpet or laminate, can no longer adhere to the base.

And if damp is not one issue, it usually lives alongside 3 inches of dirt and grime.

Image of a room with a severely damaged ceiling that has partially caved in, causing debris to cover the bed and floor. The room appears neglected and in poor condition, highlighting the importance of property maintenance and the concept that 'everything is marketing' in property management. There have been ceilings ready to cave in; in fact, one actually did, as you can see in the picture. Lean-tos that are literally keeping to their name, leaning off the building. Outside spaces grand in size but hideous to behold, yet the residents were quite happy to have barbecues in them.

The list goes on. It shocks me that tenants put up with this, but what pains me more is the landlords who are unwilling to put their finger in their pockets and get it fixed.

It’s inhumane, to say the least, but also shouts idiotic.

Why would you spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on a dwelling only to let it rot? Do the landlords not know that eventually, they can become inhabitable, and not even the pittance they are making from these eyesores will be possible?

These landlords are leaving money on the table. Their greed has overshadowed common sense.

If they understand, at the very least, that everything is marketing, they would understand that a well-kept house is one where not only the tenants are happy to make a home, but is also more valuable over time.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there. A word is enough for the wise. I’m off to build a prominent UK estate agency by God’s grace!


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