How great brands create content that inspires action

The content is nothing until it inspires

It’s not about the content at all. It’s about the people and how great you think the people reading the content are – that they are smart, and they know what they want. And, if you give them the content that they want, they’ll do great things with it.

I believe you must know why you are creating content, and I’m not talking about turning a profit. Yes, that’s great. I love money. Most of us do, and we want our businesses to succeed, but profits are the result of adding value to the world. 

create content that inspires action

How Apple built a cult following

That’s the story that most businesses tell us – what the product does or how fabulous it is. Imagine if Apple had only told us how its iPhone as a super sleek, beautifully designed phone that took incredible pictures and was easy to use. Meh! There would be no cult following. But when the narrative is, “We want to help you Think Differently” all of sudden you do take notice and begin to “think differently”. Fundamentally that’s what your company must do. Your content is nothing unless you use it to make lives better. 

Content that seeks to profit your audience has greater energy and inspires action. For your content to be meaningful, for it to inspire people to take action, it must have a purpose. Why do you do what you do? What impact are you hoping to make? And how do you create content to change lives? 

Audiences can see through content that’s created to turn a profit. It doesn’t easily change minds or create an emotional connection that causes audiences to take action quicker. I used the words easily and quicker because the method may work; however, there’s nothing that makes it different from the competition, so the work is harder.

Take a look at your business, evaluate the reason why you do what you do. What made you start that business? What was the benefit you wanted to bring to people’s lives? That’s the story that you must tell in your content.

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