How To Find Masses of Great Content Without it Taking Your Time

When asking clients if they will promote their website using social media, many a time you hear the following response, “I haven’t the time to be on social media. I know my business needs it but I have no time. Besides, I don’t like Social Media.” Well here’s how you can find great content  for your blog, Twitter and Facebook without you having to spend more time than you would otherwise like.

I'm a Social Media Cheat

In order for your online retail business to start generating profits you have to be visible online, you have to be liked and you have to be trusted. Obviously you do that through social media by giving your customers amazing sharable content. If you’re a one man band, here’s how you find the amazing stuff in about 10 minutes. Use Postplanner (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this product). It’s a great inexpensive app which will get good post inspiration and content for your website, Facebook and Twitter.

Tweet: Great Shareable Content Builds Customer Trust and Loyalty. Online Customers Buy From Brands They can Trust

You can easily access all the latest trending topics, all on one platform and in seconds. Without any effort, you can discover the stuff that people already like and  share it. Find trends in your  niche. Learn about related subjects. And, get great status ideas for $29 per month. This is a bargain for the time it will save you, the engagement your brand will get, the traffic to your website and the increase in sales. You can also use Postplanner to schedule posts, more time saving. Although currently, it only posts to Facebook.

If you are looking for great content, you already know is a winner and you want to up your engagement (which is essential for building brand loyalty and trust), give Postplanner a try,  even if it’s just for a while whilst you get your head around things.

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