5 Social Media Trends Content Creators Should Know

Embracing TikTok Social Media Trends for Content Success

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Hey Readers,
Today, I’ve got a little treat for you, dear friends: four social media trends that are set to elevate your game. If you’re keen to come out on top across every platform, start implementing these today. And yes, while most of this advice leans heavily towards TikTok… ssh, I promise it works.

1. TikTok’s New Wave

First off, video reigns supreme on social media, but we’re witnessing a resurgence of long-form content, especially on TikTok. They’re pushing for longer videos in landscape mode. Word on the street? This platform aims to emulate YouTube, creating more opportunities for ad placements. I’m not a fan, and I bet many creators feel the same. Horizontal videos on a phone screen might seem odd, but if TikTok is eyeing more TV screen views, creators might need to adapt.

2. The E-Commerce Boom

Social commerce is booming right now, with the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend going strong. It’s curious, but folks don’t seem to mind being sold to on this platform. Perhaps it’s all in the delivery, but it’s working. TikTok is brimming with shopping channels. While they don’t appeal to me personally, if past TV shopping history tells us anything, these platforms are here to stay. However, I sense a saturation point coming. The novelty of unique delivery is waning, with more and more content feeling recycled. Audiences might soon scroll past faster than you can say #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.

3. The Power of Going Live

Encouragement to go live cannot be overstated. If you have something unique and engaging to share or discuss, live streaming is your stage. This is where you can truly shine as an entertainer. Believe me, people are making a living off their live sessions.

I recently launched a new brand account on TikTok, and it suggested I share behind-the-scenes content. This hints that the algorithm favours authentic, “day in the life” content. Don’t hold back; this type of content can significantly boost your exposure.

4. Storytellers are Winning

Okay, have you noticed? Storytelling is where it’s at. Creators who are coming on with no airs and graces to chat to their friends like they’re on a FaceTime call are winning when it comes to views, guys. It’s down-to-earth and authentic overload. People will forever be people, and this type of content just makes it feel relatable. If you love having a good chinwag with your mates, or even on your own 😩, this is your time to shine, baby. Take those chats online, especially on TikTok.

Now this next tip is HUGE.

Socials are overtaking Google when it comes to search. TikTok and Instagram Search is where Gen Z is looking for stuff. Do you know what this means for your brand? It means if you’re hitting all the right keywords in your content, your brand is going to come up in search and more prominently on the FYP. Consider this a golden tip I’m sharing with you. Don’t forget, getting noticed is all about playing smart with your content strategy.

My dear friends, for those among you eager to roll up your sleeves and embrace these strategies, success is on the horizon. There’s no room for half-hearted efforts here, folks! Let’s get serious and make things happen.


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