How to Position Your Customer within Your Brand Story

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The Curious Case of the Digital Florist

Ever heard the tale of our florist friend? She whipped up the most heart-stoppingly beautiful floral arrangements right from her kitchen, hoping to grab some eyeballs online. The twist in her tale? No brick-and-mortar store, just a digital platform to showcase her blooms.

She thought, “Stunning snaps on Insta should do the trick!” But here’s the catch – folks scrolling through Instagram aren’t necessarily thinking of buying a bouquet. They’re there for the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’, not the ‘add to carts’.

Get this and get this now – it isn’t just about showcasing your product. It’s about changing the narrative, shifting mindsets, and transforming casual scrollers into buyers. It’s about telling a story so compelling, it’s irresistible.

A Reality Check For You: No one logs into social media with a shopping list in hand. It’s entertainment central! Your challenge? Craft content that’s so engaging, it has them reaching for their wallets.

What Makes Them Tick?

Think about it. When you scroll past a post or skip an ad on your feed, what’s the reason? Often, the content doesn’t resonate with you and your current situation. There’s no spark, no link to your experiences or aspirations

Without a clear brand message, you’re just adding to the digital cacophony. But you aren’t here to blend in, are you? You want to stand out, to be recognised, to be the brand they choose above all else.

Newsflash: Your content isn’t about you; it’s about them. It should resonate, address their challenges, and paint a picture of a brighter tomorrow with your brand in it.

Ever thought of making your customer the protagonist of your brand narrative? When your customers are the stars of your story, they care. Your content needs to make them feel ten feet tall, invincible! Does it do that?

If they can’t see how engaging with your brand turns them into heroes, it’s time for a plot twist. Empower them, make them feel good, and watch as they champion your brand story.

Bottom Line: Give them a tale worth retelling, where they shine bright. After all, everyone loves a story where they’re the center of it! I know I do. Let’s craft content that’s not just noise but a melody they can’t get out of their heads. And start doing that today!

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